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Forte radically improves online music education with video conferencing features optimized for music lessons and audio quality far superior to existing platforms.

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The best audio for online instrument lessons

Forte Pure Audio has been tested by the top music teachers from the most renowned conservatories in the world. Hear the difference in this video.

Features optimized for music teachers

Use multiple camera angles with multiple devices. Share and mark-up sheet music in real time, without losing sight of your student. Watch and listen to content together. Keep an ongoing notebook with your student. Forte is designed to help you do your best teaching online.

Easy to use

Hate installing new apps? Us too. Forte runs entirely on your browser. No downloads, no hassles.

Hear what teachers are saying

Forte solves many issues regarding dynamics, musical intention, and overall sound quality. It is also very easy and simple to use, I highly recommend this platform for any music teacher!

Jesus Saenz, New York City, Musicians for the World

Renewed my faith in online music teaching. Thank you.

Andrea Charles, London, The Royal College of Music

My student and I both felt things sounded clearer. His drums sounded soooo much better. He thought the video looked better as well. It’s difficult to express but it felt more natural...

Steve Borgovini, Malaysia, former drummer with Fun Lovin' Criminals

The incredible sound and video quality by Forte Pure Audio is a game-changer for music teachers, students, and musicians in comparison to other existing platforms.

Christina Zhou, Singapore, Founder of 12Petals, Director of Coronation Music School

The main thing is I could hear everything the students were doing. In comparison to Zoom, I could hear everything even when the student doesn't have the right equipment. I could hear nuances, the use of pedal, which I struggle to hear in Zoom lessons depending on the type of piano they have.

Carlos Vargas, Boston, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee

One of the things I was most excited about was being able to hear double stops on the violin - this is not doable on Zoom

Esther King-Smith, London, The Royal College of Music

For voice, in particular, it seemed the audio got better as we went on. The audio balanced out certain sounds. There was never a moment whereas in Zoom, things get cut out.

Craig Juricka, Boston, The Boston Conservatory at Berklee
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What’s next:

Our goal is to radically expand access to trusted, high-quality music teachers everywhere. As the Forte community grows, we’re going to introduce new ways for teachers to find more students and more ways for students to find the right teacher for their needs — no matter where you live.