Forte’s Shared Notebook

Jan 15, 2022

Dan Fryburg, Forte Program Manager

In college, my studio teacher required all of her students to have a lesson & practice journal. This was a place where she would take notes during the lesson, assign practice items, and where we would track our practice session goals and outcomes. This meant any time I practiced, I had to write down my goals and then a summary of what actually happened during my lesson. Spoiler alert! I didn’t always reach my practice goals, but by the end of the semester, it was great to have a record of where I started and how far I had come.

Lesson journals can be helpful for a number of reasons. For one, virtually all of our students are busy juggling a huge amount of work, including schoolwork, other afterschool activities, sports… the list goes on and on. Lesson journals help our students get back on track when they return to their practice in between lessons. On the teacher’s side, journals help refresh your memory after a week away from this student, so you can just jump right back into the learning. 

With Forte’s Shared Notebook ✐, each student has their own dedicated place for you to add notes, track practice goals and homework, and even communicate with their parents. Simply click on the pencil icon in your lesson toolbar , and a new Google Doc will open in a separate tab, without interrupting your lesson tab. After that, the pencil icon will automatically take you back to that student’s shared document any time you access it, so you can pick up where you left off. 

Need to access a student’s notebook in between lessons? You can find all of your students’ Shared Notebooks under the My Students tab in your studio. 


Since your Shared Notebook is hosted on Google Docs, you can access the full store of add ons, including music notation apps like, which allows you to add music notation to your document. To do this, simply follow these three easy steps:

1. Select “Get add-ons” and search for
2. Download
3. Whenever you would like to add notation you simply select the Add-ons menu again and then choose

With Forte’s Shared Notebook, both you and your student will always have access to your notes, both during and between lessons.  We hope this feature makes communication between you and your students easier than ever.  And we’d love to hear about any creative ways you are using the shared notebook to help your students learn and progress!  As always, just email us at