Waiting Room

Nov 16, 2021

Hunter McGranahan, Forte Co-founder and CPO


We know you have a busy teaching schedule. And we understand that sometimes lessons don’t end on time. With that in mind, we’ve made a small change to how you connect with your students on Forte. Starting this week, before entering your Forte studio, you will now need to select which student you’d like to connect with. This functionality now allows us to enable our new Waiting Room feature for students!

Now, when you’re in a lesson with one of your students, your next scheduled student (in the example below: Miles Davis) can enter a lesson room to warm up in and wait for you to finish with your current lesson.

Whenever your next scheduled student enters the waiting room, you will get a notification in your current lesson that “(Students Name) has joined another lesson.” This will not disrupt your current lesson and you will need to click the X to hide the notification. 

Once you have completed your first lesson, end the call, then select your next scheduled student from the dropdown menu in your Studio. When you click on the camera icon to enter that lesson, you will then be connected to the next scheduled student.

Questions about this new feature? Email us at help@fortelessons.com